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Capability, Maintenance & Cost

Karndean Vinyl Flooring

Made from an exceptionally durable form of customised vinyl, Karndean flooring replicates all the beauty of natural flooring materials with none of the practical drawbacks. Whilst being virtually indistinguishable from the materials which inspire our designs, Karndean offers significant advantages in terms of design capability, maintenance and cost.


The first thing you notice about a Karndean floor that really grabs your attention is that it looks and feels just like the real thing. Whether you chose a wood, slate or marble effect, floor, your friends will never know the difference, unless of course…you choose to tell them!

Warm Underfoot

Much warmer to the touch than most natural flooring, Karndean enables you to recreate the authentic look of a stone floor without ever having to experience the feeling of cold bare feet on a winter morning.

Low Maintenance

A Karndean floor really shows is value with the consideration of longer-term maintenance issues. Sanding and polishing of a natural wood floor and repairs to a damaged slate, marble or terracotta floor can be inconvenient and costly. Karndean requires no maintenance outside of the simple 3 stage cleaning system.


Karndean is suitable for any room in the home, and because of its practicality, is particularly suitable in problem areas. Even in kitchens and bathrooms, where products such as wood and laminates can be adversely affected by water spillages, Karndean is the ideal choice.

Quiet Underfoot

Whereas products such as wood and laminates can be very noisy when walked upon, a Karndean floor is very quiet underfoot, making it a natural choice throughout the home.


Karndean has a great deal of practical advantages over its natural counterparts. Unlike many other flooring options, Karndean will not harbor dirt and bacteria and is therefore suitable in the family environment.


Taking the beauty and practicality of a Karndean floor into consideration, you may be surprised at just how affordable Karndean can be. In comparison to most natural floors and alternative design flooring brands, you will find that Karndean stands out as the affordable option.

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